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From translating design wireframes into clean and efficient code, to optimizing applications for maximum speed and scalability, as well as ensuring the responsiveness of applications across relevant devices and platforms, I will always work hard to make certain any project will result in your company's success!

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What I bring to the table

Over 20 years of front-end development experience using both static and dynamic web projects, advanced HTML/HTML5, Javascript and CSS skills with expert knowledge of responsive web applications/frameworks with a particular skillset for troubleshooting in an agile environment. Latest experience includes building web sites/apps/kiosks using React.js.

Web Development

No matter what kind of platform the client requests, once the creative team hands off their documents, I am able to successfully, with expediency and accuracy, code and render every kind of interface from static sites to kiosks. No UX/UI is off the table!

My goal is to ALWAYS create a 1 to 1 pixel code translation of the creatives given.

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